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City Mobilizes Disaster Relief Task Force, Helps Taitung with Typhoon Aftermath

Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-ji presided over the flag presentation ceremony to the staff participating in the disaster relief effort for Taitung County in the morning of July 10.

During his address, the deputy mayor expressed his gratitude to the heads and staff of the Fire Department, Public Works Department, and Environmental Protection Department for their involvement in creating the task force.

Taipei City Government received the official request for assistance from the Fire Department of Taitung County on July 9. It was able to mobilize 3 cranes, 56 trucks, 58 sets of chainsaws, and 103 staff members within two hours of the notice.

Teng conveyed the message from Mayor Ko Wen-je to the members of the team: Do their best to complete the disaster relief mission, but do not forget to look after their own safety.

During the interview following the flag presentation ceremony, Teng remarked that Mayor Ko instructed the City to provide all necessary support and assistance to Taitung County. The mayor spoke with Magistrate Huang over the phone yesterday and mobilized the disaster relief team after their conversation.