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​Taipei Fubon Braves Shows Trophy, Unveils New Uniform at Press Conference

​Taipei Fubon Braves Shows Trophy, Unveils New Uniform at Press ConferenceThe Taipei Fubon Braves Basketball Team held its seasonal press conference at Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium (the team’s home stadium) on November 11. Led by the team’s General Manager Chris Tsai, members on the team’s championship lineup introduced the new uniform and marketing campaign for the new season.
The event also included the presentation of the P.LEAGUE+ Inaugural Year Championship Trophy. While the team defeated its rivals to claim first place earlier this year, the outbreak of COVID-19 in May forced sports activities to come to a halt. To make up for the missed opportunity, P.LEAGUE+ CEO Chen Chien-chou showed up at the press conference to deliver the long-awaited trophy to the team.
On behalf of Taipei City Government, Deputy Commissioner Liu Ning-tien of the Department of Sports attended the event to witness the team’s glorious moment.
This year marks the third year of the naming rights collaboration between Taipei City Government and Fubon Braves. Since 2019, the team members have carried the name “Taipei” on their uniforms, regardless of whether confronting local teams or playing games abroad.
The team members revealed their new uniform for the upcoming season, which is based on the design concept of “unrestrained city in black.” The harmony of black, white, and blue reflects the busy street scenes of Taipei City by integrating the urban vitality with aesthetics.
To kick-off the new season, the Taipei Fubon Braves will take on the Formosa Taishin Dreamers at Heping Basketball Stadium on December 4. Fans of the team don’t want to miss out on the exciting match – as well as the championship ring presentation ceremony right before the games!