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​TPEDOIT: Taipei’s Quarantine Hotel Room Total Exceeds 10,000

​TPEDOIT: Taipei’s Quarantine Hotel Room Total Exceeds 10,000In response to an anticipated spike in the number of returning nationals during the 2022 Chinese New Year holiday period, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) has been working closely with local hotels and inns to increase the number of quarantine hotel rooms to meet possible demands.
As of November 22, the talks between the agency and local hotel operators have helped to secure over 10,000 rooms across 142 establishments in Taipei. This number accounts for roughly one-third of Taiwan’s total quarantine room capacity. To ensure that people returning from overseas can spend their quarantine time in comfort, TPEDOIT is still working on negotiations with hotel businesses. It expects to boost room availability to 13,000 in the future when 34 more hotels sign up.
With the likely influx of overseas compatriots, quarantine hotel rooms across the nation are probably going to be in short supply. To maintain a check on the availability of rooms in Taipei and discourage price hikes, TPEDOIT calls upon hotel businesses to adhere with the policy published by the Tourism Bureau and promises to investigate opportunistic price adjustment. Hotels will lose their eligibility to apply for quarantine hotel subsidies if found guilty of profiteering.
Given the central government’s latest updates on quarantine guidelines for the Chinese New Year period, TPEDOIT Commissioner Liu Yi-ting reminds those planning their return trip to plan ahead of time. Regardless of whether choosing the “10+4” or “7+7” plan, they must spend their remaining 4 or 7 days in isolation at home. TPEDOIT reminds the returnees that staying at illegal daily rental rooms is out of the question, as these facilities do not meet quarantine requirements and pandemic prevention standards.
TPEDOIT promises to continue working on expanding the number of quarantine hotel rooms to ensure that returnees could carry out their quarantine before they return to their families in Taiwan.