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Traffic Control to Be Implemented at Yangde Blvd. Over the 2020 CNY Holiday

Map of police checkpoints at Yangde Boulevard This year’s Chinese New Year holiday lasts 7 days, with numerous major scenic attractions in Shilin Police Precinct’s jurisdictional boundaries, such as Shilin Residence, Taipei Children’s Amusement Park, National Palace Museum, and night markets. In order to prevent increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic during the holiday, the public is urged to travel to Shilin by making use of public transport such as the MRT and bus. In doing so, they can avoid being stuck in congested traffic and ruining their travel mood.

To prevent increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic from affecting the smooth and orderly flow of traffic, the Shilin Police Precinct will be implementing the following traffic control and management measures during the Chinese New Year holiday:

  1. Traffic control point for vehicles ascending the mountain: Passenger cars (including passenger-cargo cars) will be restricted from 08:00 to 15:00 every day; only those with a Yangde Boulevard pass or temporary pass will be allowed.
(1) The intersection of Yangde Boulevard and Zhicheng Road.
(2) The intersection of Fulin Road and Zhongyong Street.
(3) The intersection of Lane 1, Section 2 of Zhishan Road.
  1. Traffic separation point for vehicles descending the mountain: Traffic control and separation measures will be implemented at the intersection of Gezhi Road and Jingshan Road as well as Gezhi Road and Kaixuan Road from 14:00 to 18:00 depending on traffic conditions.
  2. Citizens without a Yangde Boulevard pass or temporary pass are reminded to take a detour via Quanyuan Road or Lane 25 of Dongshan Road in Beitou in advance.
The Shilin Police Precinct appeals to the public that in light of a large number of people and vehicles on the road during the Chinese New Year holiday resulting in heavy traffic, please do not park illegally when encountering congestion and slow traffic. Road users should stay clear of the intersections, be patient, courteous, and comply with the instructions of the police officers or volunteer traffic controllers. Let us uphold a high-quality driving environment together; Shilin Police Precinct will strive to ensure smooth traffic flow during the Chinese New Year so that everyone can celebrate the New Year safely and peacefully!