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Is My Child Taking Drugs?

The 2014 National Survey of Substance Use made by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare shows that people aged 18 to 44 abuse drugs the most, while adolescents under 19 years old (including) abuse Ketamine (a third-level drug) the most.
Lai Si-jia, pharmacist of the Department of Pharmacy in the Heping Fuyou Branch of Taipei City Hospital, says that Ketamine is used to start anesthesia prior to receiving general anesthesia; its abuse can lead to tachycardia, hallucination, gibberish, memory loss and even intermittent cystitis in serious cases, which can cause the urinary bladder to shrink and lower the bladder capacity. Don’t be sorry for the rest of your life because of momentary curiosity.
Lai Si-jia suggests that parents should remind their children to stay on alert and never accept beverages or free products presented by any stranger. According to the statistics of the Food and Drug Administration, out of 45 samples of beverage sachets submitted for testing from September to December, 2014, 39 contain caffeine and second-level or third-level drugs or other emerging abused substances, which means the detection rate is as high as 86.7%. Recently, it has been found that drug dealers disguise the drugs via multiple methods, such as packing drugs in snack packages or incorporating Ketamine into loquat leaf extract or jelly for sale. Parents shouldn’t buy food or drugs from unknown sources. Don’t eat them in case of any doubt. Please consult physicians and pharmacists in case of any question regarding the physicians’ prescription.
(Data source: Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare)