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City Holds Forum on Community Safety

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a forum on security-building measures for communities on July 12.

The mayor began his address by recalling anecdotes from his own life. He praised the borough chief Wen Mei-chu for providing assistance to his mother-in-law and deceased father-in-law, who continue to remain at the old home after he moved to his current house. This simple occasion shows the roles played by borough chiefs in the overall development of communities.

In many aspects, these people are the ‘frontline’ of city hall. He added that plans such as improvement plans for boroughs and neighborhoods would not succeed without the involvement of borough chiefs. They are the 70-percent factor in projects such as group dining for elders and Garden City. At the end of his address, he expressed his gratitude to the borough chiefs for helping Taipei to become a better city.

During the forum, the mayor praised Daan District for its outstanding performance in the evaluations, noting that luck may account for one performance, but is inadequate to explain the same success repeated five times or more. He offered to provide more assistance to help them become benchmark boroughs and replicating its strategies for other boroughs.

Recalling his recent visit to Singapore, Ko remarked that while there are still many things Taipei need to do before it can catch up with the city state, he believes that one area which Taipei exceeds its counterpart is community management.

On the issue of building a community “safety net,” the mayor proposed integrating seven existing systems. As for how borough chiefs can become involved in special individual cases, he pointed out that plans are in the drafting stage as they involve questions related to information privacy.

Regarding the issue of security cameras, Ko believes that there is enough equipment installed across the municipality. With 14,000 devices, criminals committing major offenses can be identified and arrested within several hours from the incident.