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Dalong Market Holds Inauguration and House-Warming Party

Dalong Market soft opening event Taipei City Dalong Market (No. 347, Sec. 3, Chongqing N. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City) commenced its soft opening on November 5. In celebrating the completion of the new market, 200 house-warming sweet dumpling soups were prepared for the public as a symbol of prosperity and abundant wealth.

In celebrating the first day of Dalong Market’s soft opening, market stalls gathered at the market entrance at 10:30 to pray for blessings, and 200 house-warming sweet dumpling soups were handed out to the public at 11:00. According to a citizen Mr. Chen: “The new market has been renovated and endowed with a hipster vibe, and the new look is truly refreshing. The spacious passages, and clean and comfortable environment in the market have revamped the old image of Dalong Market.” In supporting the environmental protection policy, the soup is served with spoons made from 100% sugarcane courtesy of Ju Tian Cleantech Co., Ltd., thereby allowing everyone to appreciate the joy and attention to detail that went into preparing for the soft opening of the Dalong Market.

In celebrating the market’s housewarming, the host of the hit PTS Taiwan documentary program See You at the Market, Li Ming-tsung, has been invited to conduct a guided tour of the new market. The show specializes in exploring traditional market culture in Taiwan. From the perspectives of traditional markets such as local culture and lifestyle, he has made observations about the innovations that have been infused into the new market; at the same time, he searched for iconic delicacies in Dalong Market and rediscovered nostalgic flavors in the new market.

According to Taipei City Market Administration Office Director Chen Ting-hui, through proactive negotiation between Dalong Market and the stalls, as well as assistance from President Wu Pi-chiao of the market’s self-governing association, the stalls have been successfully relocated to the new market. The objective is to elevate the services and the environment of traditional markets by creating functional spaces, encouraging the use of eco-friendly tableware, installing temperature-controlled refrigeration for fresh produce, and implementing mobile payment. The Dalong Market is an important yardstick against which future traditional market renovation projects in Taipei City will be measured.

The purpose of conducting a soft opening for the Dalong Market is to determine whether further adjustments are required for the stalls in terms of market operation and facilities. The official opening is slated for December 13, 2019, and everyone is welcome to shop at the market. For more details, please refer to the Taipei, Good City Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/taipeimarket/) and Taipei City Dalong Market Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Dalongmarket/).