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Improving Pedestrian Environment for Area around North Gate

Improving Pedestrian Environment for Area around North GateMany people know that the starting point of Yanping South Road in Taipei City happens to be North Gate (Beimen). The short thoroughfare passes by historical buildings such as the Futai Street Mansion and ends at Zhongshan Hall.
The Yanping South Road Comprehensive Landscaping Project – a corollary project under the West District Gateway Project – seeks to renovate Yanping South Road and nearby sidewalks, incorporating historical elements and strengthening the connection between people and space in the vicinity.
Under the supervision of the New Construction Office (NCO), the project has been completed recently, and Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived for an inspection visit on October 25.
The mayor remarked that the West District Gateway Project has been implemented since 2015. It involves an overhaul of the areas surrounding North Gate and Taipei Railway Station. Under the initiative, Zhongxiao Bridge has been dismantled and the surrounding area reorganized into the Beimen Scenic Plaza. Today, the city government is focusing on the renovation of the area along Yanping South Road, hopefully making the neighborhood more accessible for pedestrians and more aesthetically pleasing. 
Chief Hong of NCO’s Utilities Conduit Planning Section pointed out that the current phase of the project covers the area of Yanping South Road between North Gate and Wuchang Street intersection. Completed in August, sidewalk width in the vicinity has increased significantly. The renovated zone has become pedestrian-friendlier, thanks to the sidewalk expansion and newly established motorcycle parking “coves”.
After inspections, Mayor Ko lauded the effort of the agency, stressing the Yanping South Road is an important piece of Taipei’s transition into a livable and sustainable city. Through the Yanping South Road Comprehensive Landscaping Project, the city government seeks to create a pedestrian-friendly space in the area surrounding North Gate that merges culture, history, and safety, thereby allowing visitors to better enjoy the atmosphere of the historical neighborhood.