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Datong Precinct Officers Promote Traffic Safety at Historical Sites in Dadaocheng

Police officers conducting pedestrian safety campaign in Dadaocheng Police officers from Datong Police Precinct and local police stations conducted a pedestrian safety campaign at the Dadaocheng commercial district on May 15.

The team members took to the street with picket signs and posters, seeking to raise awareness on pedestrian safety among passersby. When encountering foreign tourists, the officers employed simple body language to convey the importance of adhering to traffic rules and reminding them to pay attention to passing vehicles when exploring the neighborhood on foot.

With the COVID-19 pandemic subsiding in Taiwan, people are more willing to travel. Many tourist destinations across Taiwan have taken steps to strengthen their appeals, hoping to attract more visitors. Dadaocheng commercial district is one of these places.

In addition to convenient access via public transportation, the government also implemented limited-time, car-free zones in the neighborhood to allow pedestrians to fully explore the neighborhood.

Dadaocheng is a neighborhood which combines modern characteristics with many historical buildings. In addition to refurbishing existing edifices, many businesses moving into the commercial district do their best to maintain classical storefronts. Through urban renewal efforts and historical building maintenance, visitors can witness the neighborhood’s evolution over different eras.