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Midsummer Night’s Magic at Neishuangxi Park

Where can you take your kids to experience some of the outdoor magic taking place in the beautiful evenings of summer? The Neishuangxi Nature Center will be organizing 3 outdoor tour events for the entire family at the Neishuangxi Park in the month of July.
According to the Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO), the Neishuangxi Nature Center is located in close proximity to the natural forest area of Daluntou Mountain, boasting abundant wildlife. The organizers welcome the public to come and experience the magic of woodland at night, enchanted by the songs of insects and frogs.
Chief Chen Yen-cheng of GEO’s Forest Recreation Division noted that insects are important members of a forest ecosystem, playing the role of cleaners in removing dead leaves and corpses. The Neishuangxi Nature Center invites parents and kids to learn more about these tiny workers of the natural world.
The tours are slated for July 17 (Sunday), July 24 (Sunday), and July 30 (Saturday) between 2 PM and 8:30 PM. Each session can accommodate a maximum of 30 participants.
Online Registration begins at 12:30 PM on June 29. For more information on signing up for the activity, please visit the Chinese blog site of the nature center (http://neishuangxi.blogspot.tw) or contact the organizers (TEL: 02-2841-4705, ext. 12 Ms. Hsieh; email:nsx.service@eeft.org.tw).