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​Getting Close with Nature at the 2021 Guandu Nature Art Festival

​Getting Close with Nature at the 2021 Guandu Nature Art FestivalThe 2021 Guandu x Bird x Art – Guandu International Nature Art Season kicked-off at the Guandu Nature Park on November 7. Wearing a T-shirt commemorating the natural “music” from the wetlands, Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan attended the opening ceremony to experience firsthand the beautiful landscape and artworks made from local natural materials.
The students from Guandu Elementary School Orchestra performed at the opening event. For the Wetland Orchestra event this year, the organizers invited a number of artists including Uz AZer’s SiyuLand, Durga Devi and Moksha, Amale Gadhu, and more. The festival’s carnival attracted over 20 animal conservation and environmental protection organizations, as well as handicraft artists and green-living creative businesses.
The Animal Protection Office (APO) remarked that the city government has collaborated with the Wild Bird Society of Taipei to run the Guandu Nature Park for over two decades. The partnership made it possible for the important wetland reserve to open up to the public, transforming it into a key venue for environmental education and wildlife preservation, encouraging the coexistence of man and nature.
This year marks the 16th year of the annual nature arts exhibition of the park. A total of 8 guest artists working with the curator Lin Hsiu-ping utilize natural materials gathered inside the park to create artworks that celebrate nature and highlight the charm of local culture and history.
The 2021 Guandu Nature Art Season will last through January 9, 2022. Admission to the Guandu Nature Park before December 31, 2021 will remain at NT$30. 
Fore more information, please visit the Chinese website of APO, the official website of the event or the official website of the Guandu Nature Art Festival