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[Typhoon Chanthu] City Establishes Disaster Response Center on September 11

City workers cleaning out gutters ahead of the typhoon.With the approach of Typhoon Chanthu, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a briefing by the Disaster Management Office (DMO) during the morning meeting on September 11. He instructed city agencies to make all necessary preparations. The Taipei City Level 2 Disaster Response Center will be established starting 2 PM.
The mayor reminds the public that judging from present route of the typhoon, its impact upon Taipei City will be the most obvious on September 12. Despite the day being a Sunday, citizens are concerned about whether classes and work will be cancelled on that day. He requested the Department of Personnel to keep close contact with its counterparts in New Taipei City and Keelung City to ensure the accuracy of further updates.
According to the Central Weather Bureau, the scope of typhoon land advisory will include Taipei City starting around noon on September 11. The wind and rainfall will pick up starting nighttime. The full thrust of the typhoon will the most apparent from the afternoon of September 12 through early morning of September 13. While forecasts from various nations agree that Typhoon Chanthu will not make landfall, the tempus remains a serious threat to the northern municipalities.
With the establishment of the Level 2 Disaster Response Center starting 2 PM on September 11, staff from 15 agencies will be assigned to the team, including those from the Fire Department; Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission; Police Department; Public Works Department; Department of Environmental Protection; Department of Health, Department of Transportation, Department of Economic Development, Department of Civil Affairs, Department of Urban Development; Department of Information and Tourism; Media Affairs Division; Department of Personnel, and Department of Compulsory Military Service.
The DMO noted that heavy rainfall is expected at Wenshan District, Nangang District, and Yangmingshan. The mayor announced that he will visit Wenshan District to inspect preparations before heading to the Disaster Response Center tonight.