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Introducing the 2009 Taipei Cultural Passport

To encourage residents and visitors to learn more about Taipei's cultural heritage, Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) is collaborating with PC Home and South Village in producing the 2009 Taipei Cultural Passport.

Between June 30 and September 30, the organizers will arrange over 100 events and activities at the various venues across Taipei. Cultural passport holders are welcomed to attend the seminars, classes, and exhibitions on Taipei’s cultural scene.

According to the organizers, the activities this year will be subdivided into five ‘districts/zones’ – North, South, East, West, and Central. With an emphasis on the five senses, participants will explore Taipei’s culture based on the following themes: “Lifestyle: Aesthetics,” “Lifestyle: Literature and Arts,” “Lifestyle: Cultural Creativity,” and “Lifestyle: Documents and Archives”.

Experts and celebrities from different walks of life will serve as guides for the participants at the events. For example, writer and columnist Yang Chao will guide visitors on a trip through the exotic stores and markets on Zhongshan North Road, enjoying the pockets of foreign atmosphere in this area. Likewise, poet and writer Lo Chih-cheng will introduce the commercial district along Zhongxiao E. Road and Dunhua S. Road – the heartland of the East District.

Where to Obtain the 2009 Taipei Cultural Passport

You can pick up a free copy of the 2009 Taipei Cultural Passport by visiting South Village or the office of DOCA at Taipei City Hall. Additional pamphlets will be placed at affiliated institutions including the Zhongshan Hall, the Red Theatre, and the Taipei Cultural Center.

South Village
No. 10, Lane 80, Shida Road
Xinyi District
TEL: 02-8369-2963

Department of Cultural Affairs
4F, No. 1, Shifu Road
Xinyi District
TEL: 1999

Signing up for Events

Call the registration hotline at South Village:

TEL: 02-8369-2963
FAX: 02-8369-5076