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Deputy Mayor Stresses Importance of Horizontal Communication for Shezidao Task Force

The city government held a committee meeting on redistricting and zone expropriation at the Department of Land on June 6. The members discussed the underlying guidelines for zone expropriation, structure dismantling, and relocation of residents for incorporation into the general urban planning for Shezidao area in Shilin District.
Land Commissioner Li Te-chuan noted that the discussion is to prepare for meeting the criteria such as “public interest” and “necessity” for subsequent evaluation to be conducted by the Ministry of the Interior’s Construction and Planning Agency, as well as answering the concerns of Shezidao residents who will be affected by the project.
Participants at the meeting exchanged views on issues such as distributed rental and sales of project housing units, as well as incentives for encouraging collaborative house-building and ‘comprehensive aftercare’ for relocated households.
Committee members also reminded the city government that relocation is a complex issue and should be handled with prudence. The city government responded that it will collect the needs of those affected and plan accordingly based on the values of objectiveness, compliance with laws, and appropriateness.
Deputy Mayor Lin Chin-rong noted that the city government has coordinated among different agencies as it carried out works involving zone expropriation, environmental assessment, and flood control measures related with Shezidao development – with a project office to handle and coordinate horizontal communications across various agencies.