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TBS: Support Team Unveils Preparations for Mayor’s Two-Lighthouse Ride

Following the success of his One-Day-Taipei-to-Kaohsiung bike trip, Mayor Ko Wen-je succeeded in his next cycling endeavor: the ride from Fugueijiao Lighthouse in Keelung City to the Eluanbi Lighthouse in Pingtung County.
For those who are interested to check out the behind-the-scene stories pertaining to the feat spanning 520 kilometers in 28.5 hours, Taipei Broadcasting Station invited the members of the mayor’s coaching team to share their insights with listeners on “Sports Spotlight.’ The show was aired at noon on March 1.
The members of the coaching team comprise Taipei Municipal Athletics Federation Cycling Association Secretary-general Su Ching-shan, Chairperson Peng Chien-yung, and Giant Bicycles Fitness Coach Huang Chi-hsuan.
The audience will have a chance to learn how the mayor worked on improving physical fitness to prepare for the endurance test of riding all the way to the southern tip of the island. Compared to the last challenge, the increase of riding distance from 380 km to 520 km also means doubling the burden on one’s stamina.
The team members also shared how the mayor tackled the test of riding at night. They noted that Ko went for a short nap on the car at around 3 AM when the team entered Kaohsiung, but continued after a short rest to complete the trip, demonstrating the mayor’s strong will.
To listen to TBS’s program on your smartphone, you can download the iTAP application and click on the function “Taipei Broadcasting Station.” You can also listen via live-streaming over the Internet by visiting the website (www.radio.gov.taipei)(Chinese).