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DCSD Holds Smart City Training Program for Civil Servants from Gyeonggi-do

/001/Upload/636/relpic/31011/8987514/3b0353ea-7d2c-4e17-9099-32ee4db74562.jpgLed by Director Lee Hee-won of the Gyeonggi Province Human Resource Development Institute (GPHRDI), a delegation comprising 15 civil servants from South Korea arrived at the Department of Civil Servant Development (DCSD) for a 14-day-long training program on May 28. 


DCSD Commissioner Ho Ya-jiuan pointed out that in an effort to help city hall employees develop a global perspective and to strengthen training exchange with global cities, the agency inked a memorandum on civil servant exchange and training with GPHRDI back in August 2017. Despite a three-year-long interruption due to the pandemic, the two sides continued to conduct online exchanges through this period. 


Ho stressed that in recent years, Taipei City Government has won numerous international awards, attesting to its rich resources in hardware and software, large pool of tech talents, and solid foundation in digital capabilities. The delegation from Gyeonggi Province seeks to learn more about Taipei’s smart city knowhow, as well as its policies in tourism and culture, through the exchange. 


Director Lee commented that he is happy to be here in Taipei to meet everybody. Taipei is a city that incorporates elements of bustling economy, advanced technology, rich culture, and delicious food. He thanked DCSD for planning such an exciting program, allowing Korean civil servants to experience the diversity of Taipei’s cultural scenes and quality policies. He invites Commissioner Ho to visit Gyeonggi Province with Taipei’s civil servants on future exchanges. 


According to Ho, Mayor Chiang Wan-an is very supportive of civil servants participating in exchange and training programs with other international cities. The commissioner believes that there will definitely be opportunities in the future for additional exchanges between the two municipalities and wished the visiting delegations a wonderful stay in Taipei.