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Music Critic Wang, Tsu-shou Returns to Host Radio Show : Turn to FM93.1 for Sunday Afternoon Music Every Sunday  

News release, Department of Information and Tourism
By: Taipei Broadcasting Station
On: May 3, 2019
Contact: Chan, Tzu-chun
Tel.: 02-2595-1233 ext. 29
Music Critic Wang, Tsu-shou Returns to Host Radio Show
Turn to FM93.1 for Sunday Afternoon Music Every Sunday
What to do on Sundays? Why not just lay back and relax with a cup of coffee or tea and some great music? For the very first time, Taipei Broadcasting Station is working with top pop music critic Wang, Tsu-shou to launch the brand-new show “Sunday Afternoon Music”, which will be bringing its audience back in time and revisit pop music from the 60’s - 90’s. Starting in May, let’s once again immerse ourselves in the wonderful old-time melodies every Sunday at noon; let us also share with you all the stories behind the music and bring you the most pleasant Sunday afternoons.
After taking time off for two years, Wang, Tsu-shou has returned to host a new radio show. Borrowing the lyric from the classic song When the Grapes turn Ripe, Wang described his mindset during this period of hibernation and waiting for his comeback to broadcasting as “smiling and pleasantly waiting.” Wang also mentioned that he dearly cherishes this opportunity to be able to meet with his audience on the air at Taipei Broadcasting Station. When talking about Taiwan’s pop music, Wang, Tsu-shou explains that even though society has transformed and the music industry has been reshaped, the connection between music and people would never change. The “Sunday Afternoon Music” show will recall some legendary classics and unforgettable music memories that are rarely heard from today’s media outlets.
Over the recent years, Wang, Tsu-shou has been writing the “Music Reviews ” column in United Daily News. As pop music continues to evolve and be widely sung, Wang has written numerous articles that have become the base of his book “Music Critics”. However, these writings are limited to descriptions in words; Wang hopes that through broadcasting, these texts will be turned into sensory experiences that are more concrete (with “surround sound”) and impactful. Hence, the “Surround Sound of Music Reviews” segment was born. Music should not only be kept inside an album to be replayed and treasured. Wang found that many new movies would have old songs play throughout the films, so he also arranged the segment “Retro Melodies in New Movies ”. Introducing the classic old-time songs appearing in new movies would hopefully diminish the gap between classic and contemporary pop music. Lastly, in the “Rewind to that Decade” segment, the program focuses on a decade and look back to the people and pop songs that had become popular during the period, introducing to the audience once again that particular “Golden Age”.
On May 5, the first episode will introduce the last album by the Queen of Hats, Feng Fei Fei: The Age of Feng Voice. Besides playing many of the old songs that are reinterpreted in the album, Wang will also talk about Fong’s precious last recordings. To this day, half of the tracks still have pending issues to be solved before they can be released, which shows just another example of the copyright problems Mandarin music is facing today. Moreover, the program will also look back to the debut songs of stars such as The Little Tigers in 1989, Mayday in 1999, and Lala Hsu in 2009. So for all the pop music fans out there, definitely don’t miss this show! In addition to listening to the program via the radio, audience can also download the “愛台北” (Love Taipei) app to their phones and click on “臺北廣播電臺” (Taipei Broadcasting Station) to join the program. If you missed any episode, you could also choose and listen to any of the shows from the last 60 days via our official website or your mobile app.
  ●Listen online at: https://goo.gl/u1YW6D
  ●Live Video Streaming (computer version): http://www.radio.gov.taipei/
Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1
Program Info: Sunday Afternoon Music
Host: Wang, Tsu-shou
Broadcast Time: 12:00-13:00 every Sunday
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