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Current Status of Personnel

We promote personnel operations by aligning with the mayor's plans and policies as well as central government regulations. The promotion of personnel operations and the important work of 2024 is as follows:

I.Construct an appropriate organization by revising regulations TPCG prioritizes the rights and interests of the youth group

  • To assist young people in employment and entrepreneurship, encourage their participation in public affairs, broaden their international perspectives, and support their experiential learning activities, we’ve established the Youth Department within TPCG. This department provides comprehensive services to cater to the diverse needs of young individuals. Moreover, to meet the demands of municipal service development and enhance the efficiency of TPCG, we are optimizing the utilization of limited resources by reviewing and refining the regulations of key departments including the Department of Education, Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center, Department of Information and Tourism, Police Department, as well as municipal universities and other institutions. The total budgeted personnel for 2024 of TPCG is 77,874 individuals. To reasonably allocate budgets across various institutions, our office, in collaboration with the Department of Finance, Department of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics, and the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, will establish a specialized team to review personnel budgets for 2025. These budgets will then undergo scrutiny by TPCG’s 2025 Planning and Budget Review Committee.


  • Applications for various exams such as the Junior and Senior Examinations totaled 1,738 individuals.
  • Since April 2006, new contract employees, professional technicians, and janitors hired by various institutions and schools within TPCG have been required to undergo open selection processes managed by TPCG’s Employment Services Office.

III.In our commitment to caring for vulnerable groups:

  • We’ve hired 3,447 persons with disabilities, exceeding our initial hiring plan by 1,422 individuals, representing an excess hiring rate of 170.22%. We’ve additionally employed 617 indigenous peoples, exceeding our target by 326 individuals, resulting in an excess hiring rate of 211.3%. 
  • A total of 340 summer jobs will be offered to university and college students who come from low-income households, those with disabilities, those with indigenous backgrounds, or those who are solely responsible for household bills, as well children of unemployed workers.

IV.We are actively promoting the digitization of personnel management, working towards paperless operations.

  • We will build a personnel e-form mechanism to promote form-filling online. By the end of December 2023, there were 3,336 promotion and transfer announcements and 8,201 online applications; 339 activities were participated in by 81,170 people; 3,059 surveys with 422,091 completed.