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“Taipei and the World in Dialogue” at 2PM on Feb. 28, 2016 (Sunday): Program Introduction

Chang Cheng, who owns a bookstore called The Brilliant Time, and some Indonesian migrant workers who love reading, began to provide books written in Indonesian in public places in Keelung, Taipei and Taichung for people to borrow. Every weekend, Indonesians who love reading would come to the lobby of Taipei Main Station and read in silence amid the bustling yet welcoming noise filled with their own mother-tongue around them. At that moment, their souls are free.
The same beautiful scene can be found in Hong Kong, as there are like-minded activists trying to promote foreign-language book lending among foreign workers.
The well-recognized “Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants”, which this year begins in March, welcomes migrants to submit their literary works. This award aims to encourage foreigners who live or work in Taiwan to write and submit literary works in their mother language. It’s believed that Taiwan will enjoy a richer and diversified culture because of such cultural exchanges.
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