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Precautionary Measures for Typhoon Nepartak

Nepartak, the first typhoon in 2016, is getting closer to Taiwan. According to the data at 8pm on July 4th of 2016 from the Central Weather Bureau, Nepartak is only getting stronger and has a high chance of affecting Northern Taiwan. The Central Weather Bureau will likely issue the sea warning in the area east of Taiwan late July 6th and the typhoon will affect Taiwan most significantly from July 7th to July 8th. The Taipei City Fire Department urges citizens to take precautionary measures as the Fire Department continues to work towards limiting the damage of Nepartak.

To prepare for the typhoon, the Taipei City Fire Department urges citizens to take these precautionary measures:
- Call 1999, 119 or 110 for emergency services during the typhoon
- Call 1999 to report flooding sewages, fallen trees, or other potential dangers
- Evacuate from low areas, mountains and rivers in order to prevent landfalls and flooding
- Prepare an emergency kit including a radio, flashlights, first-aid kit, drinking water, food and other life essential items
- Check electrical wires, stoves and gas tanks to prevent fires
- Ensure that doors and windows are all in good condition, move potted plants indoors, secure flowers and branches and ensure that the wind will not blow anything away
- Secure or remove fences, scaffolding, signs and advertisement boards in case it falls from the wind
- Cooperate with the City Government officials with evacuation if the City Government issues an evacuation notice
- Avoid going out unless necessary to prevent heavy things from falling and avoid using fire unless necessary during power outages in case of fire
- To ensure safety at home, install an automatic water pump in the basement and place automatic water gates and sand bags at underground entrances
- Do not touch fallen electrical wires with bare hands and call 119, 110 or 1999 to inform the Taiwan Power Company
- Prepare a personal emergency kit at an accessible place like home and work including drinking water, instant noodles and crackers as well as other food, personal documents, cash, first-aid kit, thick gloves, flashlights, radio, batteries, clothes for the cold, small blanket, raincoat, heat packs, tissues, towels, pen and paper, spare keys, and a Swiss knife.
- Check the Taipei City Disaster Prevent and Rescue website (http://tdprc2.tfd.gov.tw)(Chinese) or download the Taipei City Disaster Prevent and Rescue app for instant updates on the weather, flooding and evacuation information