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Conservation of Taiwan Quillwort Successful at Zhuzihu

Successful conservation of Taiwan quillwort at Zhuzihu On May 28, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the press conference announcing the successful conservation of Taiwan Quillwort along the Yujian Trail at Yangmingshan’s Zhuzihu.

During his address, the mayor expressed his gratitude to the staff from the Geotechnical Engineering Office, the Department of Economic Development, the Forestry Research Institute under the Council of Agriculture, and the Yangmingshan National Park Service for investing much effort into protecting and nurturing this endemic species.

Ko pointed out that Taiwan Quillwort is an endangered plant which requires active conservation. In 2007, specimens were found in a calla lily field at Zhuzihu by a teacher from Hutian Elementary School. The quillworts were successfully revitalized with help from Dr. Huang from the Forestry Research Institute. The plants were later transplanted to areas along Yujian Trail, which has been enhanced through environmental-friendly, eco-engineering techniques.

The mayor remarked that city hall employed eco-engineering techniques to balance development and environment protection for Hutian Borough in 2019. The overhauled trails were not paved with cement and tar, but employed alternatives to lessen the impact to the surroundings.

In addition, the mayor invited the public to visit Zhuzihu to witness the blooming hydrangeas. He added that these flowers vary in color when planted in soil with different pH values – from dark blue to red. Of course, the Zhuzihu area is also known for its fields of calla lilies. It is a place where the public can experience some of the best among Taipei’s horticulture landscapes.