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Popular Korean blogger recommending FUN TAIPEI tours

Ever since summer started, the Department of Information and Tourism has been attracting tourists from all over the world. Recently, the Department has invited the 26 year old Korean blogger JOJO, a part of Travel Factory (여행에미치다), a page on Facebook with over a million fans, to visit Taipei through three themed tours designed specifically for this event: Historical, Creative and Cultural and Nature. Through these tours, the Department of Information and Tourism hopes to show Korean tourists the allure of Taipei through the popular “oppa” JOJO.
JOJO, an easy-going boy-next-door established Travel Holic as a blogger company and shares all his experiences from travelling the world on Facebook, allowing him to become one of the most popular travel blogs in Korea in only two years. Invited by the Department of Information and Tourism to visit Taipei, JOJO toured around the historical site of Dadaocheng and experienced milling his own rice as well as making his own tea pillow and other traditional DIYs. Additionally, he tried out the famous Li Zhu Noodle House (麗珠什錦麵) and Longdu Bing Guo Shi (龍都冰菓室) at Longshan Temple, traditional bites near temples and Mango Shaved Ice, at which JOJO states is one of the must-eats for Korean tourists in Taipei.
The Nature Tour takes JOJO to Daan Forest Park to experience the perfect spot for picnics in the middle of the city and Yangmingshan to admire the views. While at Yangmingshan, JOJO coincidentally ran into a bridal photoshoot and marvelled at the romantic sight with the beautiful scenery as the backdrop. He also stated that it was a unique experience to spot sulphur right at Xiaoyoukeng.
Emphasising both tradition and modernity, the Creative and Cultural tour takes JOJO to the creative and cultural square near Chifeng St., the alleys of Yongkang St. and the centre of creative and cultural brands at the 16 Houses of The Red House. Through the inspirations from travelling and the integration of art into everyday life, the DIYs and the creative designs of the building and the interior allowed JOJO to get to know a different side of Taipei.
The Taipei City Government has actively invested in the Korean tourism market for the recent years and the results have been spectacular: the number of Korean tourists in Taipei have increased year by year, with only 260 thousand Korean tourists in 2012, the number has increased to 650 thousand in 2015. The number is expected to reach an even higher point this year. The Taipei City Government will also be advertising more themed tours and limited offers to attract Korean tourists to spend their vacation in Taipei.