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The Air Walkway is Being Constructed as per Contract in the Taipei Information Park BOT Project. To Bring Prosperity to the Park as well as Aiding the Young Entrepreneurs, the TCG has reached agreement with SCP.

With regard to doubts concerning the Air Walkway which links Guanghua Digital Plaza with the Taipei Information Park being currently discussed in the news, the DoF provided the following explanations:
1. As to whether the Air Walkway Would Be Completed Before the Inauguration of the Affiliated Businesses: The BOT contract concerns only the opening date of the parking lot of the main business but not that of the affiliated businesses. It also does not stipulate that the affiliated businesses could only start operating only if the Air walkway has been constructed. Therefore, the opening date of the affiliated businesses could be decided by Syntrend Creative Park Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SCP)
2. With Regard to Safety Issues of the Air Walkway: The blueprint of the Air walkway has been reviewed for 3 times by the Urban Design and Land Development Approval and Review Committee of TCG. It was approved during the 380th committee meeting on 12th December, 2013. The supervising agencies have also approved the blueprint on 20th February, 2014. In addition, to ensure the load bearing, the TCG has requested that the design of the linkage between the Air walkway and the 1st period buildings to be certified by Structural Technician. It also requested New Construction Office of TCG to invite Structure Engineering Association to aid in review of the blueprint.
3. Regarding the Double Applications of Construction Licenses: According to Taipei City Construction Management Office, as the Air walkway is situated on both the base of the 1st and 2nd period buildings, it is imperative that the applicant apply for separate construction licenses. Two construction licenses were therefore issued. In addition, it was also stated in the notices that the applicant must simultaneously apply for the licenses of usage after construction.
4. The Scheduled Completion Date for the Air Walkway: According to the illustration meeting for businesses in the 1st period building regarding the construction of the Air walkway held by the SCP, the Air walkway should be completed before the end of June this year. Furthermore, it should also obtain the license of usage by the same deadline. In addition, during the meetings with SCP in the Taipei City Hall, SCP stated that the Air walkway will be completed in accordance with the scheduled date. The DoF will continually urge SCP to complete the Air walkway before the deadline to facilitate citizens' passage between the 2 buildings.


In addition, to promote the prosperity of adjacent business areas as well as to aid youth entrepreneurs in building startups, a specialized team of the TCG has reached consensus with SCP: SCP is willing to take the responsibility in actively recruiting nearby companies in forming Business Area Development Association as well as provide the necessary personnel, equipment and funds in doing so. SCP has paid visits to partners in nearby business areas to discuss the objectives of the association and would spare no effort to ensure the prosperity of the association. In regard to facilitating policies concerning youth entrepreneurs in building startups, SCP has claimed that the YuCheng Foundation has completed its registration at the court at the beginning of 2015 and that the foundation will actively collaborate with TCG’s policy of aiding youth entrepreneurs. Its operations would span holding competitions on entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for students or youth entrepreneurs to participate in global startup activities and competitions as well as holding lectures, speeches and symposiums on entrepreneurship. In the future, once the affiliated businesses of SCP start operation, they could not only bring about developments in information industry, but also develop the information and cultural and creative industry community through collaborating with business associations nearby, thereby forming a whole corridor of commercial area designated for information and culture.