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Foreign Caregivers Free At-home Training Applications Now Accepted!

* Free at-home training under the Taipei City’s Easy and Secured Hiring of Foreign caregivers Project has entered its second year, and the city government has now begun accepting applications!

This year’s training has added medication safety, guidance on rehabilitation exercise, guidance on living environment safety, guidance on dementia care techniques, and social resources linkage. Any family looking to hire foreign caregivers is welcome to apply.

With Taiwan is becoming an aging society, demands for long-term care have risen. Consequently, the number of families hiring foreign home-caregivers has also increased – there are now approximately 44,143 foreign social workers in Taipei City. Since the health conditions and care needs of the care recipients will always change, foreign home-caregivers also need to enhance their overall care techniques so to ensure the quality of the care provided to its recipients.

This project assembles a professional team consisting of nurses and bilingual interpreters. First, health management assessment of the care recipients is conducted. Then, the team will provide one-on-one instructions for foreign caregivers with respect to the necessary and appropriate skills and daily life counseling, such as oral care, turning patients in bed and patting their backs, moving patients, and other simple movements. If the care recipients qualify for the application under the “Professional Services” category of Long-Term Care 2.0, they will also later be transferred to case management personnel to further assist on the applications.

Director Yeh Hsiu-shan of the Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office (FDLO) points out that, since foreign home-caregivers are providing services at the employers’ homes, their working skills and daily needs are not as easy to notice. Through at-home training, the migrant workers’ care techniques can be enhanced and a friendly communication channel can also be established. Ultimately, the care recipients’ overall life quality will be greatly improved, and the goal of bringing in dedicated migrant workers for the satisfaction of the hirers will be achieved.

FDLO is expected to provide service to 480 families before the end of November, and we welcome any family in need of the service to send in their applications. For more details, please call the information hotline: (02) 8648-8388 ext. 121 Ms. Chen or reach out to Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office at (02) 2338-1600 ext. 4211, and our professional staff will be happy to assist you.