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Police and Fire Integration: Groundbreaking Ceremony on April 12 for the Fire Department Guandu Unit and Guandu Police Station Construction Project

On April 12, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Taipei City Beitou District Fire Department Guandu Unit and the Guandu Police Station Construction Project was presided over by Deputy Director Chang Yu-hui of the Public Works Department, with the attendance of numerous guests. They collectively prayed for the project's success, marking a promising start. It is hoped that the construction will be completed safely, timely, and with the expected quality, improving emergency response capabilities in the Guandu area of Beitou.


Hsiao Chih-lung, the Chief of the Public Works Section, New Construction Office, Public Works Department noted that the current setup of the Guandu Unit under the Fire Department suffered from cramped conditions, poor ventilation and lighting, and noise due to its location under the viaduct on the Dadu Road. On the other hand, the Guandu Police Station under the Beitou Precinct, though housed in a standalone building, faced challenges such as limited space, aging infrastructure, and inadequate seismic resilience. After the city government assessed the needs of both units and found suitable locations, the project was initiated for a new joint office building for both the fire department and the police department.


Director Fu Chung-kai of the Shilin Office under the New Construction Office noted that the project's architectural design includes 4 underground levels and 9 above-ground levels made of reinforced concrete. The project encompasses a land area of 1,487 square meters (around 450 pings) and a total designed floor area of 9,949.25 square meters (around 3,000 pings), aiming to fulfill the diverse requirements of both police and fire departments through a versatile functional layout. Regarding the building's exterior, it adopts a symmetrical design, reflecting a steadfast and upright imagery. Harmonizing with a soft brick-red color scheme, it resonates with the imagery of vigilance and disaster prevention associated with firefighting equipment. Moreover, the facade panels are arranged in irregular organic patterns, skillfully incorporating vibrant green hues to symbolize the nurturing and growth of life. Regarding the functionality, it not only provides essential meeting rooms, living and hygiene facilities, and a kitchen area required for basic police and fire service duties, but also includes spaces for physical training, a regular training hall, and a recreational room. Additionally, a central courtyard and garden are incorporated to enhance internal lighting and facilitate the circulation of fresh air.

Fu Chung-kai also noted that the project was officially awarded on January 12, 2024. It's being jointly undertaken by Guoxin Construction Co., Ltd., Dajia Enterprise Co., Ltd., and Youteng Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. Construction is set to start in mid-April 2024 and is expected to last for 1,000 days. Once completed, it is expected to improve the office space for the fire department and the police department in the Guandu area of Beitou and enhance the quality and efficiency of disaster relief, emergency response, and public security services in the Guandu area, thereby providing citizens with faster and more convenient services.