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Wanan Air Raid Drill to Take Place September 15

Chief of Wanhua Police Precinct appears in clip promoting the Wanan Air Raid Drill.The Wanan No.44 Air Raid Drill will take place between 1:30 PM and 2 PM on September 15 in Taipei City. Sirens will be sounded at both the start and the end of the 30-minute drill. However, there will be no measures to limit crowd and traffic flow during the event.
The purpose of the air raid drill is to remind the public to remain vigilant and familiar themselves with what to do after the sirens sound. This is important to minimizing the loss of life and property in the case of war.
Drill No. 44 will take place across the island at the same time. The focus for this year’s drill is “defense intelligence communication”, “air raid alarm”, and “SMS delivery (aerial threat warning system)”. Due to the pandemic, the duration of the drill has been adjusted and will last from 1:30 PM through 2 PM. This year’s event will not involve the evacuation of citizens, lights-off order, and traffic control.
During the drill, all planes and ships at airport and ports, as well as trains, highspeed trains, vehicles, and MRT trains, will continue to operate as normal. Stores and businesses will continue to go about their business during the drill.
To raise public awareness on the upcoming drill, Taipei City Police Department produced a short clip to promote the Wanan Air Raid Drill. Through lively performance by participating officers, the agency hopes that citizens will take note of the event and not be caught off-guard when the sirens go off.