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Winner Emerge for 2020 Spring Tieguanyin Competition

The winning tea leaves at this year’s competition Under guidance provided by the Department of Economic Development (EDD), the Muzha Farmers’ Association organized the 2020 Muzha Quality Spring Tieguanyin Tea Competition. The winners of the competition attended the awards ceremony at the Muzha Farmers’ Association Building on June 9.

This year’s winner includes a father-and-son team from Wenxing Tea Plant. On behalf of the team, the father Lin Tien-tzu brought home the top honor with his award-winning spring Tieguanyin tea. For the spring edition of this year’s contest, a total of 371 “points” of Tieguayin tea leaves (1 point is roughly 23 caddies of tea leaves) were evaluated at the competition.

In addition to the ceremony, the organizers also held an exhibition showcasing all the prize-winning tea leaves from the spring competition. With the winning tea and the respective farmers gathering at the Muzha Farmers’ Association building, visitors can explore, chat with the farmers, and purchase their favorite tea leaves.

Lin Wen-hsing learned the fundamentals of the trade from the elder Lin as a child. While facing challenges along the way, he nonetheless received a thorough training in the traditional ways of tea plant management and tea-making. Over 2 decades of hands-on experience and numerous tea leaves competition, he was able to come up with the award-winning selection, helping his family claim the top honor at the competition.

For more information on this year’s competition and other activities organized by the DED, please visit its Facebook fan page or the official website of the agency.