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Do not feed wild animals in the park, you may be fined for your ‘NG’ behavior.

      The little squirrels, birds, and fish in the park are so cute, but no one feeds them so pitifully! But this is a terribly wrong idea! It is common for people to sprinkle food crumbs all over the ground to feed wild pigeons, squirrels...etc. But the park department stated that this is a dangerous behavior for wild animals.
      When wild animals rely on human feeding, they will lose their instincts for foraging and survival, and they will even overreproduce and destroy the ecology by exceeding the environmental load.
      The Park Street Light Office of the Taipei City Government Works Department reminded everyone,Since June 1, 110, Taipei City has imposed penalties for feeding wild animals in the parks in accordance with the Taipei City Park Management Autonomous Regulations. Non-feeding is the best way for the ecology. Please cooperate with everyone.
Notice:Keep social distance at least one meter, must wear a mask at all times.