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Riverside Parks Recommended for CNY Holiday Outings

Wondering where to spend the six-day Chinese New Year Holiday? Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) offers city residents an option that allows them to relish in natural sceneries without facing large crowds and heavy traffic—Taipei’s riverbank parks.
According to HEO, the flowers at the riverside parks, including Rainbow, Chengmei, Yanping, and Daonan parks, have fully blossomed. It presents a golden opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture the beauty of the flowers. The venues will also satisfy those seeking to exercise or engage in other recreational activities.
In addition to the sea of flowers, the riverbank parks also boast a variety of landscaping installations. Guting Riverside Park, with its wedding-themed art installations against a backdrop of blue sky and green grass, exudes a sense of romance. Adjacent to Raohe Night Market, Rainbow Riverside Park features a huge “LOVE” sculpture which appeals to the lovebirds. Those who wish to spend some quality time with their family should not miss out on the opportunity to go camping at the Huazhong Camping Ground.
For individuals interested in culture, history, or ecology, they are recommended to bike along the cycling trails of Yanping Riverside Park and visit the “old Taipei” district around Dihua Street, rich in historical heritage, by entering Dadaocheng water gate. They can also visit Shezidao wetlands for the waterfowls, Guandu Nature Park to watch migratory avians, or Tamsui River to soak in the glittering sunset.
Taipei Riverside Bike Rental Stations:
http://www.ukan.com.tw/3introduction.html (Chinese)
Taipei Riverside Parks:
Website: http://www.riversidepark.taipei.gov.tw/ (Chinese)
Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/TaipeiRiversidePark (Chinese)
Related info on HEO website: http://heo.gov.taipei/np.asp?ctNode=7312&mp=106031 (Chinese)