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DOH: Taipei City’s COVID Update for January 2

Update on quarantine hotel guidelines The Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 6 imported COVID-19 cases for January 2. The age of the patients – four men and two women – ranges from 20’s to 60’s.
Three of the confirmed cases arrived from the US (cases 17162, 17174, and 17179), one from Canada (case 17164), and two from Saudi Arabia (cases 17173 and 17181). With the exception of Case 17181 who tested positive during the self-monitoring period at home, the remaining cases were identified either upon entry or during quarantine. They have been relocated to hospitals for isolation and further treatment.
Case 17181 is a Taiwanese male in his 30’s who resides in Datong District. He has received two doses of COVID-19 vaccines in July and August respectively. Returning from China, he selected Schedule A for quarantine and remained at the quarantine hotel between December 12 and 26. He tested positive via the home testing kit on January 1 during the self-monitoring period and showed positive result at a follow-up PCR test at the hospital on the same day. The initial Ct value is 18.1, with a subsequent examination on January 2 indicating a Ct value of 19.
As of noon, January 2, DOH have instructed 6 family members of Case 17181 and 2 individuals with close contact record to be isolated. They have been scheduled for PCR test as well. The agency also requested the test for 68 individuals, including the guests staying at the floor above, below, and on the same floor as the patient, as well as workers at the hotel and staff and students of a kindergarten on the contact-tracing list.
According to DOH, 5 adult family members of the individual, 10 hotel workers, and 22 staff members of the kindergarten are fully vaccinated. The kindergarten has conducted thorough disinfection on January 2 and will remain closed through January 4. Tests and contact-tracing will continue, and the agency reminds both faculty and students of the kindergarten to strengthen self-monitoring.
Due to the influx of returning nationals and rising number of imported cases, those working at the quarantine hotels should implement self-monitoring, pay attention to suspicious symptoms, and check temperature on a daily basis. They should also take their booster shot as soon as possible.
DOH reminds those undergoing quarantine or isolation to adhere closely with the guidelines. Violators may be penalized in accordance with the Communicable Disease Control Act and Special Act on COVID-19 Prevention, Relief, and Restoration. For questions, please call the 1922 Pandemic Prevention Hotline or the agency (TEL:2375-3782).