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Announcement of the Members of the 8th Taipei Youth Affairs Committee

In order to facilitate the implementation of youth policies and expand youth involvement, the Taipei City Youth Affairs Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) was inaugurated on September 1, 2015. It aims to put together various opinions through an open platform to make a youth development blueprint. The youth and external members of the 8th Taipei Youth Affairs Committee are selected by an independent selection committee from the candidates self-nominated online. The ten youth members are Hsiang-jou Lu, Ching-huang Lin, Jia-an Lin, Yu-chu Chen, Yi-hui Lin, Sih-han Wang, Hsuan Chao, Ke-ching Lin, Cheng-yan Tsai, Tzu-an Chen; the three external expert members are Yan-ting Liu, Cheng-yu Ko, and Yu-jie Tsai. 
The Committee is chaired by the Mayor. The two vice chairpersons are Ling-yu Hsiao, Advisor to the Mayor, and Li-min Hsu, Attending Physician of the National Taiwan University Hospital. The internal members are Commissioner Chung-jie Lin of the Department of Economic Development, Commissioner Yu-hsiu Chou of the Department of Social Welfare, Commissioner Yi-ting Liu of the Department of Information and Tourism, Commissioner Jia-jen Chen of the Department of Finance, Commissioner Hsiu-hui Yuan of the Department of Legal Affairs. There are 21 committee members in total for the 8th term. All members serve a one-year term (September 1, 2022-August 31, 2023) without compensation. 
The Committee brings together the city administration, youth leaders, and social elites. It collects diverse opinions and enables the discussion of young people’s needs, thereby developing policies that meet the best interests of the youth. Previous committee members’ versatile suggestions have vitalized the development and implementation of public policies on social housing, traveling, job seeking, child-friendliness, urban aesthetics, etc. Taipei City Government looks forward to working with the new members and trusts they will continue to bring new insights to the development of Taipei.