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Removal of Pedestrian Bridge Section Frees up Skyline in Datong District

NCO working on removing the pedestrian bridge sectionThe New Construction Office (NCO) completed the removal of the eastern section of the Chengde Dunhuang Pedestrian Bridge in mid-July, freeing up the skyline for the neighborhood and allowing pedestrians to cross the intersection without having to move up and down the staircase.
Chief Hsiao of the agency’s Public Work Section pointed out that to lessen the impact on traffic in the area, the dismantling work was carried out during late night and holidays when traffic was sparse. The removal of the primary structure of the pedestrian bridge and staircase along Dunhuang began after 10 PM on July 16, with construction concluding at 6 PM on July 17. The restoration of surrounding environment was completed at the end of August.
Chief Lo of the Public Works Section’s West District Office remarked that the location of the pedestrian bridge is situated on a main thoroughfare connecting Datong and Shilin districts. It is also the only path for intercity buses to enter Yuanshan Bus station. Therefore, the project required coordination among multiple city agencies such as the Department of Transportation, the Police Department, Traffic Engineering Office, Public Transportation Office, Datong District Office, and Chongqing Borough Office, as well as people living in the neighborhood.
Borough Chief Chang of Datong District’s Chongqing Borough noted that the removal of the pedestrian bridge section improves the space usage of surrounding pedestrian walkways, frees up the local skyline, and enhances the surrounding landscape.
The Chengde Dunhuang Pedestrian Bridge was built in 1991. For over 30 years, the facility has played an important role in helping vehicle traffic in the surrounding area. However, the bridge required pedestrians to climb and down the stairs, which is a challenge for elders, disabled people, and individuals with shopping strollers and baby carriages. In the interest of creating a human-centric traffic environment, city hall decided to dismantle of the eastern section of the pedestrian bridge after evaluations.