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Mayor Experiences Domestic 3D Post-production Technology

Arriving at the TWR Theater in Neihu, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a demonstration highlighting some of the possibilities of Taiwan’s domestic 3D technologies used in post-production.
The mayor noted that six years ago Taipei City Government provided NT$1.4 million in grants. Today, the company comprising over 200 workers boasts annual income reaching NT$300 million. TWR has demonstrated a successful business model, and Ko is pleased that government grants enabled the growth of small companies. He plans to look further into applying the successful example to other industries, hoping the approach will help improve Taiwan’s economy.
Recalling his visit to San Francisco in March, Ko admitted that he has been contemplating on the direction which local industries should take. He believes that Taiwan’s advantage includes being the most free and open-minded place in the Chinese world. Therefore, the best place within the Chinese world to integrate the hardware and software would be Taipei.
He stressed that Taiwan should put more thought into industrial development, and should avoid having its profit being too dependent upon industrial mass production and should move away from manufacturing and towards information and communication technology which is more focused on software and contents.
Asked by the media whether the grant policy is worth it, the mayor noted that last year over 100 small and medium enterprises took advantage of the NT$1 million grant. He admits that it is unrealistic to expect all of them to be successful, but the government will still conduct attempts in the direction offering the highest possibility of success.