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Mayor Attends New Year Group Greeting Event at City Council

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the Chinese New Year group greeting event organized by the city council on February 2.
In addition to offering New Year’s greeting to Speaker Wu Bi-chu and city councilors, Ko also expressed his gratitude to the representatives for their support for the city government’s budget last year.
The mayor remarked that the city government is ready to meet the challenges of the New Year – one of them being the organizing of the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. As a major international event which is not only special to Taipei but to the nation as well, it will require the support of the city council – especially when the pace of organization picks up.
According to Ko, the regulations which failed to clear the city council will be modified and adjusted. He plans to reintroduce the drafts to the city council during the upcoming session, and will continue to work on points which members express concern about.
At the end of his address, the mayor wishes everyone a healthy and successful year, as well as peace for the nation.