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Grand Opening of Shezidao Wetland Information Hut 2

The Shezidao Wetland Information Hut started operations at the embankment of the Keelung River in 2016. Every weekend there are volunteers stationed there to share with visitors the bits and pieces of Shezidao Wetland. In the past, volunteers and ecological conservation groups kept recording the appearances and activities of waders in winter and common teals and Indian spot-billed ducks coming in herds. The Information Hut 2 was built in response to the future needs of environmental education after reviewing the current condition of Shezidao Wetland to optimize the self-guided information access space. The project was initiated in June 2020 and completed in January 2021.

According to the HEO, it took one and half a years to plan and build Information Hut 2. Besides expanding the space, the HEO also invited designers to exert their creativity by integrating arts and ecology. In addition, pedestrian and vehicle separation was designed at the embankment, the entrance image was replanned, and the wetland space was readjusted in order to provide visitors with a more comfortable space for ecology observation, leisure, and recreation at the wetlands. In addition, quality and comprehensive environmental education activities will be introduced for citizens to enjoy weekends and holidays at Shezidao Wetland.

Besides inclusive playground facilities, the "Daylight Waterfront Plaza" under the Shezidao Bridge is also equipped with basketball courts for sweating and fully stretching muscles. Besides providing a space for the close observation of ecology of water birds, mudskippers, fiddler crabs, and mangroves and splendid mountain and river views, visitors can cycle at Shezidao to enjoy leisure and reduce carbon reduction.