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Department of Finance (DoF), Taipei City Government (TCG) Hosted a Successful Creation of Superficies Investment Symposium !

DoF hosted the Project of the Superficies on 5 City Lands, including Land Serial No.13 of 3rd Subsection, Gongyuan Section, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, etc. investment symposium on April 2, 2018. Many representatives from construction, life insurance, and general retail industries attended the event to better understand the project.


DoF expressed this tender will be announced in May 2018 and welcome investors to bid. DoF commissioner, Mr. Chih-Ming, Chen stated that this symposium was to collect potential investors' opinions through discussing bidding document.


This site is surrounded by department stores, such as Shih Kong Mitsukoshi, Cosmos Hotel, etc. and well-located in the city transport hub (including railway,bus,MRT). The site area is 1,725 square meters, and its land-use zone is classified as commercial district (Type 4, building coverage ratio 75%, floor area ratio 425% in north part and 800% in south part, respectively).The future building applications are recommended for shopping malls, business offices and hotels, while adjoining other important real estate such as the old Taipei City Council site development (region A and E) and Taipei Main Station Taipei Twin Towers development.


DoF sincerely expects quality investors jointly promote the urban development to enhance the public land-use effectiveness.