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Renovation of Linyi Street

Renewed road section on Linyi Street The sprawling community streets and alleyways of Taipei City are closely related to people’s lives. For instance, located in the Dongmen Market in Zhongzheng District, Linyi Street is responsible for alleviating the heavy traffic and pedestrian flow in the vicinity, resulting in accelerated deterioration and unevenness of the road surface. To provide citizens with a sound living environment and safe traveling space, Taipei City Government’s New Construction Office (NCO) will implement the Linyi Street integration and renewal project in accordance with the highly popular Taipei City Community Road and Traveling Environment Upgrade Project.

According to NCO Maintenance Team leader Chang Tai-Chang, Dongmen Market in Zhongzheng District is a traditional market with a longstanding history. Situated near prominent tourist attractions such as Yongkang Street tourist shopping district, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and Daan Park, the region offers a wide selection of stores selling famous Taiwanese eats, mainlander delicacies, exotic restaurants, beverage stalls, ice cream parlors, as well as unique cafes and teahouses. Due to its location in downtown Taipei, convenient access brings in a large number of people to the Dongmen Market on Linyi Street to taste local delicacies and purchase fresh food ingredients. Furthermore, since Linyi Street (the section between Renai Road to Xinyi Road) is a 6-7m-wide road adjacent to MRT Dongmen Station connecting 2 thoroughfares, it is responsible for accommodating heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic from the thoroughfares, and as a result, the road surface is extremely uneven and in a state of deterioration. After Sanai borough and Wenxiang borough Chiefs Chen Jen-Chih and Li Shu-Chen proposed the renewal project, the NCO carried out asphalt concrete (AC) pavement renewal operations on a section of the road measuring 463 meters, totaling 2,469m2 and costing approximately NT$1.98 million. Due to the narrowness of Linyi Street coupled with the high density of critical infrastructures and manhole/handhole covers in the area, the height of the manhole/handhole covers was lowered during the old road renewal project to improve the roads’ quality and smoothness. Maintenance Team Section 3 leader Cheng Fu-Chin explained that Linyi Street was designed as a sub 8m-wide road; since the important road section is in proximity to homes and market vendors, the vendors were asked to temporarily suspend business during the renewal project. Therefore, the maintenance team requested contractors to post notices around the construction site one week prior to the commencement of the project. Moreover, local borough chiefs were asked to communicate the details of the construction project to the vendors and nearby residences in an effort to minimize the project’s impact on those citizens.

On another note, since the Dongmen Market shopping district is one of the most longstanding areas of Taipei City, the construction project’s progress was repeatedly delayed by the labyrinth of underground pipelines. While renewing the pavement, the construction crew frequently encountered obstacles in the form of electrical, water and gas pipelines that required clearing. Nonetheless, thanks to the concerted efforts between the maintenance team and pipeline units, the impact of the project on the surrounding vendors and residents was kept to a minimum.

According to Sanai Borough Chief Chen, the previous road surface renewal project of Linyi Street was implemented over a decade ago, hence the road surface is very uneven and deteriorated, often becoming waterlogged after heavy rainfall, in turn causing great inconvenience to vendors and shoppers. He thanked the NCO for prioritizing the renewal of the important road section within the sub-district and lowering the height of many manhole/handhole covers during the Linyi Street renewal project, thereby significantly improving the evenness of the road surface. Chief Li of Wenxiang Borough commented that Dongmen Market is not only one of the most well-known traditional markets in Taipei City but also an important shopping district in the sub-district that attracts countless shoppers as well as domestic and international tourists. The flat, pleasant road environment not only offers a comfortable shopping space but also facilitates booming business in the remarkable Dongmen Market shopping district and brings in more consumers. She too commended the NCO’s Community Road and Traveling Environment Upgrade Project and offered her support.