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Police Officers Cracking ATM Heist Honored at City Executive Meeting

During the City Executive Meeting on July 19, Mayor Ko Wen-je presented awards to the police officers who played a key role in arresting the suspects of the recent cyberheist targeting the ATM machines of First Commercial Bank.

Speaking at the meeting, the mayor praised the members from the City’s Police Department for playing an important role in hampering the activities of the international syndicate which has conducted similar operations in other countries.

Ko expressed his gratitude to the off-duty officer who played a key role in identifying one of the suspects. He admitted that it is difficult for most people to remain alert when away on vacation with one’s family, praising the officer for being on the lookout and staying proactive.

According to the mayor, while statistics show that the number of major violent crimes in Taipei is dropping, there appears to be some movement in the area of cybercrime. He instructed Police Commissioner Chiu Feng-kuang to train young police officers from the start to prepare against organized crimes employing advanced technologies.

Having invited teams from IT departments of major universities to explore ways of enhancing the role of Taipei’s CCTV surveillance camera system, Ko stressed that Taipei has stepped up its defense capabilities against cybercrime and white-collar crimes over the past year.