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Mayor Attends Jinwu Award Ceremony on Police Day

Mayor with police officers at the award ceremonyOn June 10, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the 2020 Jinwu Award Presentation Ceremony. A total of 40 winners and 9 outstanding police officers received the award plaque at the event.
During his address, the mayor began by wishing everyone a happy Police Day. He pointed out that the Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) have two primary responsibilities: protect the populace and control traffic. In the area of law enforcement, he remarked that Taipei conducts a survey among residents every 6 months. In the area of safety and security, the survey showed a satisfaction rating of 80-percent. This is comparable only to the performance of the Department of Environmental Protection and well ahead of other city agencies.
In the area of traffic control, Ko pointed out that that among the six direct rule municipalities on the island, Taipei City has the lowest fatal accident rate for every 100,000 people. He attributed the achievement to the hardworking police officers at TCPD as well.
The mayor stressed that one of the most important mission for the police department at this moment is digitization. He praised TCPD for doing a good job in keeping up with the trend, citing the computerization of patrol box checks, spot check support system, and the recently-implemented pubs and clubhouse real name registration system as examples. He also mentioned the CCTV network, which promises to further enhance Taipei’s security once it completely integrates with the city’s big data system.
June 15 is Taiwan’s Police Day. Due to COVID-19, the city government initially cancelled the award ceremony for this year. Fortunately, with the cooling down of the pandemic and the mayor’s insistence on presenting the award in person to the police officers, the event was rescheduled and took place on June 10 at city hall.