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Nearly 80% of Poll Supports Establishing the Taipei Youth Affairs Department: Taipei City Government Will Provide Additional Information Again Based on City Council’s Recommendations and Aspires to Complete Legalization Promptly

    Yesterday (January 17), the Legislation Committee of the Taipei City Council completed the second review of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department’s organizational regulations draft. The Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) thanks the Legislation Committee for arranging this meeting. Before the meeting, RDEC incorporated additional information based on Council members' previous recommendations and actively communicated the updates to the Council members. After this meeting, RDEC will continue to provide more information based on Council members’ recommendations. 

    According to RDEC, the goal of establishing the Taipei Youth Affairs Department is to provide a single window and one-stop services for the youth while comprehensively understanding the needs of the young citizens and providing related assistance. Current youth-related business and budget of each department will also be transferred and clearly handed over to the Youth Affairs Department to avoid overlapping of work. As for additional business and budget, they can only be released through supplementary budget proposals after the Department’s establishment. 


    According to a poll done by RDEC, nearly 80% of the citizens support the establishment of the Taipei Youth Affairs Department. RDEC stated that it will continue to communicate actively and looks forward to completing its legalization as soon as possible.