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Free Soil Conditioner Available for Citizens through Registration

proprietary soil conditioner The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO)’s proprietary soil conditioner is available to the public via registration, starting on July 15 (Monday). A total of 480 bags will be distributed, so hurry while stocks last.

According to the agency, the proprietary soil conditioner has outstanding quality but is only available in limited quantity. To encourage citizens to join the ranks of farm city, the small bags of soil conditioners are suitable for cultivating plants on the balcony or rooftop. The soil conditioner is distributed in limited quantities and free of charge, so that farm city enthusiasts may enjoy an affordable farming experience in the city.

Horticultural Engineering Team leader Hu Hung-wei of PSLO suggested that the nursery at various management offices offer high-quality soil conditioners that are produced through a natural fermentation and decomposition process, resulting in eco-friendly, toxin-free and odor-free granules that help to improve and enrich the soil. Since late 2017, over 3,000 bags have been given away through the Farm City platform, garnering wide popularity. This season, soil conditioners are once again available to the public via the new Farm City website (https://farmcity.taipei).

How to apply for soil conditioner:

Please log onto the Farm City soil conditioner registration page (https://farmcity.taipei/city/m3_compost/compost_s3_L.php) after 10 AM on July 15 (Monday) while stocks last.

Eligible applicants are Taipei citizens and those applying for Farm City Green Rooftop. Please fill in Taipei citizen or OOOO Green Rooftop in the applicant column. Please make sure that you fill in your full name, and each person is limited to one bag per season; please do not make multiple applications.

After applying, you will receive a soil conditioner collection notification email from the Farm City website. Please collect the soil conditioner from the organization to which you have submitted your application from 2 to 4 PM (from July 22 to 26) by presenting your national ID card for authentication purposes. Those who fail to collect the soil condition in time will be considered to forfeit it.

The soil conditioner is packaged in zip lock bags (10 liters per bag) and no additional carry bags will be supplied, so please bring your own reusable bags or carry bags.