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Instructions of 1999 Personal Data Protection

    In response to the concerns reported in the newspaper regarding the incomplete confidentiality measures of the 1999 petition platform, the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), which is responsible for the platform's operation, has stated that stringent measures have been implemented to protect personal data. After entering the case and petitioner information, none of the call recipients has the right to review the information. On the other hand, whether a petition is submitted through the 1999 hotline or the online app, once the case is sent to the competent authority, and the case officer needs to access the petitioner's personal information as part of legal operational requirements, an application must be submitted through the system. Then, approval from personnel at or above the unit supervisor level is required before reviewing the data. In addition, the system will retain complete review records of individuals with the authority to access the data. This measure is taken to investigate any potential leaks and ensure the rights and interests of the citizens. 

    Furthermore, when the Taipei City Government and its affiliated agencies accept a petition case containing information requiring confidentiality, the preparation, delivery, and storage of relevant documents must be handled confidentially, following the Taipei City Government’s implementation directions for document processing. If personal data is leaked, the case officer will be held accountable according to regulations. Also, the Civil Servant Work Act outlines confidentiality obligations of civil servants. If a civil servant accidentally discloses confidential information, relevant regulations of the Administrative Procedure Act, Criminal Code, and the Personal Data Protection Act will be applicable. 

    Therefore, when a petition case involves personal privacy or requires confidentiality as per regulations, all agencies should strictly comply with the procedures to safeguard citizens' privacy and data security, ensuring the protection of citizens' rights and interests of petitions.