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Nanmen Market Launches Chinese New Year Dishes Pre-Order Service

With the Chinese New Year around the corner, Nanmen Traditional Market is kicking off a month-long New Year dishes pre-order event between January 7 and February 7.
A God of Fortune Dance was performed at the venue on January 7 to heat up the atmosphere and promote the service, while the event also featured a showcase of dozens of classic Lunar New Year dishes presented by some of the best known businesses and a give-away of spring couplets written by calligraphy masters.
Nanmen Market is one of the top choices to go New Year grocery shopping on the island, offering the freshest food materials, seafood, vegetables, meat, dry goods, and garment of unrivaled quality.
Not only does the official website of the market provides information regarding the source of the products on offer, the market has also collaborated with delivery service providers to ensure a pleasant and convenient shopping experience.
For residents from other municipalities, some of the most iconic delicacies at Nanmen Market can now be purchased online with preferential offers, ranging from jerky, pastry desserts, traditional dishes, and more.