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2021 Guandu Hidden Paradise of Flowers: Giant Pumpkins, Haystacks, and More

2021 Guandu Hidden Paradise of Flowers: Giant Pumpkins, Haystacks, and MoreSince its opening on November 6, the 2021 Guandu Hidden Paradise of Flowers has attracted a large number of visitors to come and admire the beautiful landscape consisting of blooming flowers. The festival will draw to a close on November 21.
According to the Public Works Department (PWD), the plots in the vicinity currently sports a large number of vibrant blooming flowers such as cosmos, Sulphur cosmos, zinnia, and sunflower.
Furthermore, the surrounding landscape features a number of exotic public artworks which stand out against the backdrop of blooming flowers. For example, visitors will find an oversized pinball machine and a number of gargantuan tops in blue, yellow, and red next to the path bordering the Baxian Pumping Station. These nostalgic props are the effort of staff members working for the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO).
For those of you who recognizes the gigantic pumpkin behind these giant “toys”, you’ll probably recall the same art piece at Meiti Riverside Park before it was moved to the current location. As for the five wooden reindeers “playing” in the flower field, they are also the work of our staff at PSLO. In addition to welcoming guests to Guandu, the wooden animals also serve as the silent heralds of the Christmas season which is right around the corner!
The beautiful sea of flowers and the impressive public art displays are only a small part of the charm of the 2021 Guandu Hidden Paradise of Flowers. To capture the sight of blooms before the arrival of winter, we encourage you to visit the venue before the event concludes on November 21.
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