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RTD Reinforces Security in Light of the Recent Stabbing of Railway Police Officer

Railway Police Officer In light of the unfortunate incident of the assault on a railway police officer by a passenger aboard the Taiwan Railways Express train, Commissioner Chen Jia-chang of Taipei City Police Department has instructed the ageny’s Rapid Transit Division (RTD) to step up its efforts in service, education, and training to effectively prevent similar crimes from occurring in the future and reinforce the safety of passengers and police officers in the MRT system.

According to RTD, in addition to assigning two-member teams to train and station patrols, police posts have been established at 12 important stations – including Taipei Main Station –to strengthen alert, security, and control.

Police officers on duty are armed gears including pistol, stun gun, baton, and pepper spray. Furthermore, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) has been requested to equip the platforms and information desks in MRT stations with long sticks so station staff and security personnel can offer assistance to police officers during an emergency.

To ensure optimal respsonse and timely arrival of law enforcement at MRT stations, RTD indicated that patrol boxes have been installed at the main information desks and safe waiting zones at platforms in various MRT stations across Taipei City and New Taipei City during the operating hours of the MRT system.

Moreover, in an effort to fortify the security network of the MRT system, besides routine training including pistol/stun gun shooting, baton techniques, and team policing, TRTC station staff and drivers also undergo regular security training, so as to effectively integrate the security measures within the MRT system.

The RTD urges the public to retreat to a safe distance and find cover in the event of a random attack or use equipment such as backpack and umbrella for protection. If passengers discover suspicious behavior or aggressive persons on the train, please remain alert, stay safe and communicate with the driver using the emergency intercom on the train, so that the driver may notify the police immediately. The agency will continue to strengthen the patrolling of the MRT system to prevent crimes from occurring and to protect the safety of passengers.