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City Introduces ‘pay.taipei’ Smart Payment System

Mayor Ko Wen-je launched the City’s smart payment platform for public service fees—pay.taipei—during a press event on June 25.

According to Ko, residents can pay for roadside parking fees, water bills, and Taipei City Hospital service fees, among others, through “pay.taipei.” The measure ushers in an era where barriers on time and space for making city government-related payments have been removed in the interest of convenience for the public.

Accentuating the importance of mobile payment as the leading trend in future financial transactions, the mayor noted that the service seeks to provide an innovative solution through integrating an array of payment tools, thereby creating a three-way win for citizens, industry players, and the government.

He added that the concept of e-commerce and logistics is set to play a critical role in connecting Taiwan with the world’s economy in five years. With this in mind, the topic will become a major focus at the upcoming Taipei-Shanghai twin city forum as China has made significant progress in the development of e-commerce. Taipei will seize the opportunity to draw experience from its neighbor to enjoy the “second mover advantage” in the market.

To ensure information security for users, the Department of Information Technology (TPEDOIT) pointed out that the service incorporates “Mobile Connect” verification system promoted by Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency under the National Development Council. Users will not be able to access pay.taipei without connecting their mobile phone number to the system first.

The eight payment businesses involved in the project are Pi Wallet, Taishin International Bank, E.SUN Bank, ezPay, O’Pay, Aipei, JKOS, and GAMA PAY. The service providers offer deals including cash discounts.

To access the smart payment platform, visit the website pay.taipei (Chinese) or download the pay.taipei app from Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).