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​City Steps up Effort on Quarantine Hotel Price Monitoring

​City Steps up Effort on Quarantine Hotel Price MonitoringIn light of a possible surge in the number of people returning to Taiwan for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, the city government has doubled its effort to convince hotel operators to allocate more rooms for this purpose ahead of time.
As of October 29, 132 quarantine hotels across Taipei City have a total capacity of over 9,500 rooms, placing the municipality at the top of the nation in terms of room availability. Also, to ensure stable room prices for the 2022 Chinese New Year holidays, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) continues to communicate with hotel businesses to lower the risk of price hikes.
In the case of consumer disputes or complaints on concerted actions in raising prices, staff from either the ombudsman’s office or the Fair Trade Commission will be dispatched to the site for investigation. The city also called upon the central government to publish the pandemic prevention guidelines for Chinese New Year holidays as soon as possible.
With the anticipated influx of returning nationals, the city government expects a crunch on hotel rooms for the traditional long holiday period. In addition to asking hotels to boost room availability, it also calls upon the businesses to publish explicit information on room prices, room types, meals provided, and amenities on either their own websites or Taipei’s quarantine hotel query platform.
Mayor Ko Wen-je remarked that to allow residents to travel back from abroad safely, TPEDOIT provides subsidies to citizens of Taipei for staying at quarantine hotels – up to NT$7,000. He also calls on the central government to announce policy details for the holiday period, including whether individuals who are fully vaccinated can quarantine at home or the entire family who returned on the same flight can stay in the same room or house for quarantine.