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Fostering Education Groundbreaking Ceremony Held on March 11 for Li Xing Elementary School Activity Center

On the morning of March 11, 2024, Mayor Chiang Wan-an led a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction for the new Activity Center at Lixing Elementary School in Wenshan District, Taipei City. Joined by officials from the City Government’s Department of Education, Public Works Department, New Construction Office, and Lixing Elementary School, they offered prayers for the successful completion of the project and the safety of all workers and equipment involved.


Hsiao Chih-lung, the head of the Public Works Section, New Construction Office, Public Works Department, said that Lixing Elementary School in Taipei was founded in 1988. Situated near Jingmei Girls High School and the Examination Yuan, as well as neighboring renowned universities such as National Chengchi University and Shih Hsin University, the area stands as a prominent cultural and educational hub in Taipei. However, due to limited space and a lack of indoor and semi-outdoor activity areas for students since its inception, the school's academic progress has been significantly hindered. Hence, there is an urgent need for the construction of an activity center to address these challenges. In light of this, the Taipei City Government has introduced a plan for the construction of a new activity center. This facility will have a single-level underground parking facility and a five-story above-ground activity center. Additionally, it will house amenities such as a swimming pool, activity platform, and kindergarten classrooms. The goal is to create a versatile building that serves as the cornerstone for the school's overall development and fulfills the educational requirements of the kindergarten.


Chu Hsuan-tung, the head of the Zhongzheng Office of the Public Works Section, New Construction Office, said that Hsuyuan Kuo Architects & Associates have been commissioned to design and supervise this project. Given the location of Lixing Elementary School at the border of Muzha and Wenshan districts, this activity center is expected to emerge as a living facility in the Wenshan District. It is also envisioned as a communal space where urban and natural environments converge, akin to a "public living room." This concept aligns with Lixing Elementary School's core values: "Sincerity - Care and Inclusivity," "Knowledge - Respect for Virtue and Diligence in Learning," "Dedication - Pursuit of Excellence," and "Action - Enthusiasm and Vitality." The layout of the new activity center comprises various spaces such as the activity center itself, a sports field, a swimming pool, an activity platform, kindergarten classrooms, and parking areas. The goal of offering versatile and flexible spaces is to provide students with a diverse learning environment that caters to future school needs. In terms of design, the campus activity areas will stretch out to include a sizable platform, linking up with the riverside surroundings to establish varied activity sections. By employing a steel framework with expansive spans, the project seeks to efficiently construct an adaptable activity center and swimming facility. Moreover, the greenery along the Jingmei River will be expanded into the campus setting, fostering an eco-friendly, naturally ventilated green building atmosphere, all of which will enhance the campus's friendly and diverse learning environment.


Chu Hsuan-tung added that the project tender was awarded to Chong Wei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. on November 13, 2023, for over NT$767.71 million. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-March 2024 and is expected to last for 920 calendar days. Upon completion, it is expected to realize the school's educational vision, establish a notable educational landmark in Taipei City, contribute to the unique development of the community, and offer a quality, sustainable, friendly, and safe teaching and activity space for all students, staff, and local residents.