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Taipei City Government Awarded the 4th Government Service Award for the success in pandemic prevention

The 4th Government Service Awards results were announced, and the Taipei City Hospital was awarded the highest award for its service. The Taipei City Hospital stood out among 120 participating institutions across the country and won the award with it’s "Mobile  Quarantine Screening Bus that provided One-stop Services for people under quarantine". The Taipei City Government is proud of the achievement and shares the honors with the Taipei City Hospital. 

In May 2021, Taiwan experienced it’s second wave of the COVID-19 epidemic. With the sudden surge in cases, the demand for COVID-19 testing services increased rapidly in a short period. Not to mention that citizens were afraid to leave their houses, fearing the possibility of being infected. Therefore, monitoring and managing citizens who require screening or are under quarantine is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading. The Taipei City Hospital initiated and provided an alternative solution with a mobile quarantine screening bus, which utilizes a digital dashboard that integrates real-time health data and interagency information. This ensured a steady chain of information, and with the onboard testing capability, the mobile screening bus provides an easy one-stop solution. This improved pandemic prevention efficiency, increased testing capacity and prevented the spread of the virus in a centralized setting. 
The 4th Government Service Awards surrounds the theme of "Innovative and Inclusive Government Services". The "Digital Innovation Value Added" award encourages government agencies to use digital technology to facilitate innovative service models. The Taipei City Hospital’s integrated one-stop pandemic prevention services would not have been possible without inter-hospital corporation, and the integration of services and information between the public and private sector, that joined together to provide high-quality at-home (quarantine hotels) services for people under quarantine. No matter which phase of the pandemic, the Taipei City Hospital would also dive into pandemic hotspots to protect the health of all citizens.