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“Recreating the Natural Scene” Landscaping and Photography Expo Kicks-off

“Recreating the Natural Scene” Landscaping and Photography Expo Kicks-offWhat’s new at the Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden? There is a new exhibition featuring endemic plants of Taiwan and design cases which utilized these endemic plants.
The event is organized by the Forestry Bureau under the Executive Yuan’s Council of Agriculture. It is an exhibition of the cases submitted to a related design competition. Due to the vast amount of endemic plants at Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden, the venue has been chosen to host both the competition and exhibition. The showcase will last through October 31.
In addition, there is an interactive activity for visitors. From October 27 to 30 (between 9 AM and 5 PM), individuals who take selfies with any of the displayed plants and upload it to the Facebook page of Taiwan Agricultural Science and Technology Resources Logistic Management Association can bring home a souvenir of their choice (canvas bag, notebook, or deck of cards) from the information desk of the expo. Only a limited number of gifts are available, so act fast!
MRT: Disembark at MRT Yuanshan Station. It’s a 18-minute-walk heading in the direction of the Xinsheng Park Area inside the Taipei Expo Park. Alternatively, disembark at MRT Xingtian Temple Station and walk north along Songjiang Road until you hit Xinsheng Park Area. The walk takes 20 minutes. Of course, you can also leave from MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station and proceed north along Xinsheng North Road Section 3 for about 18 minutes until you reach the Xinsheng Park Area.
Bus: The venue is located near the following bus stops:

  1. Minzu East Rd. Intersection: 109, 280 Express, 542, 606, 685, Dunhua Line, 203, 277, 279, 612
  2. Xinsheng Park (Lin Antai): 72, 222, M9, R34, 286 Sub., 298, 643, 676, Songjiang Xinsheng Line, Fuxing Line
  3. Jilin Road: 685, 688, R57, M9, 542
  4. Xinsheng Park: R50, 685, R34, M9
  5. Lin Antai Mansion: R34, M9, 222, 72
  6. Xinsheng Minzu Intersection: M9, R34
YouBike: From the rental stations bear MRT to the one next to the venue
  1. Exit 2 of MRT Yuanshan Station to Lin Antai Mansion (6 min).
  2. Exit 4 of MRT Zhongshan Elementary School Station to Lin Antai Mansion (6 min)
  3. Exit 3 of MRT Xintian Temple Station to Lin Antai Mansion (7 min)